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MTO Town Planners was established in August 2005 by Mauritz Oosthuizen.

Since inception, the firm is an all inclusive town-planning consultancy, providing a professional and ethical service to its clients.

To cultivate this belief, it has been policy to source the expertise and talent to cover the diversified aspects of town planning, necessary to fulfill our delegations and responsibilities to our clients in a professional and expert manner.


To enhance and improve the quality of life of all communities whilst maintaining professional integrity and impartiality in dealing with our clients, members of the public and fellow professionals.

MTO Town Planners is an energetic and dynamic practice formed by experienced planners. It is a firm where the goal of service excellence is firmly rooted in the principles of fairness, honesty, dignity, integrity and nurturance.

The profile of the firm has changed substantially over the last year, to such an extent that it has now become a worthy claimant for development planning projects of most any nature and size. The reason for success is twofold.

  • Firstly, MTO Town Planners is an equal opportunity firm that encourages selfdevelopment of all it’s employees in a constructive and unimpeded environment. Achievements are rewarded and further encouraged by means of an incentive scheme.

  • Secondly, experience has shown that, especially with extensive projects, best results are achieved when other emerging firms are subcontracted to form part of a multi-disciplinary project team. A multi-disciplinary project team comprised in this way allows for flexibility according to project and stakeholder needs. In our opinion, this approach exposes young, emerging firms to a wide range of projects (which they might not have been able to manage with their own capacity), whilst creating an environment which is conducive to progressive selfdevelopment.

To conclude, MTO Town Planners have set a number of objectives, which the firm will constantly seek to achieve as part of our mission. The firm will strive to:

  • Endorse a holistic, constructive affirmative action policy based on social investment, capacity building and economic empowerment whilst cultivating a culture of equal dignity;

  • Actively promote equal employment and promotion opportunities within the company by applying criteria that assess individual ability, qualifications and experience, as well as inherent individual potential;

  • Actively enclose programmes to develop the inherent potential of employees;

  • Advance a management culture based on wider representation and participation, whilst promoting responsibility and accountability.